Money Transfer

Our Money Transfer Service allows for the most efficient way to send money globally. Our services are built around meeting our client’s personal  convenience, simplicity and efficacy.

Our rates allow you to send money at a competitive exchange rate with modest fees, thus ensuring more value for your money.

Our method of operation is very simple. You can access our services using the following methods:
1. Visit us online at
2. Download Corp. Mobile App on
               a. (IOS) on Apple App Store or
               b. or on Google Play (Android), and/or

Payment Methods

Payment methods include: 

  •  Debit Card
  •  ACH (electronic payment/debit)
  •  Digital Wallet | Coming soon |

Delivery Methods

We offer the following method to receive Money:

  • Cash Pickup – Through authorized agents
  • Bank Deposit – Through recipient bank account(s)
  • Mobile Money/Digital Wallet – Through mobile network operators
    (telcos) and/or their agents, or digital wallet (where available).

We specialize in providing same day (time zones dependent) remittances
with good customer service.