About PayGram Corporation

Who we are

PayGram Corporation is a money transfer enterprise. We use website and Mobile App to send across the world.

Our value propositions

Clients aren’t only clients, but also co-owners through profit sharing and Debit Card cash reward program.

Our vision

Our vision is to transforms customers’ remittances from purely consumption expenditures to investment instruments, which in turn leverage global remittances to spur socio-economic transformation in emerging economies.

We envision a proactive and assertive global diaspora that harnesses human capital and investments resources to help individuals, communities, and impacting lives for generations.

Our Mission

Service excellence is our beacon mission to our members. We plan to achieve this mission through robust customer service, lower rates of exchange and remittances cost reduction. 

Our Values

©     Faith in what we do

©     Fiduciary responsibility

©     Commitment

©      and Accountability

©     Respect and honesty

©     Persistence and resilience